About Southern shooting sports

Southern Shooting Sports is a family owned, local business.  Our Mission is to provide firearms and training with great service and affordable prices. 

We cherish our 2nd Amendment Rights and believe education is a great way to protect those rights.

Our goal is to positively impact gun ownership in our community. We believe that with the Second Amendment’s freedom comes great responsibility. This is best taught by freedom loving, citizens.

At Southern Shooting Sports, we not only want to provide you with great deals on firearms, we want to offer you quality training that fits your budget and schedule.

The owner of Southern Shooting Sports, Kyle Heath, is also an NRA Certified Instructor. This allows us to provide you with the training  needed to obtain a Concealed Handgun Permit. In addition, we will periodically host guest instructors to round out your firearms training.  We believe that gun ownership is one of our most important rights as American Citizens. It is our mission here at Southern Shooting Sports to affordably arm and train as many law-abiding citizens as possible. This will contribute to a safer and stronger community. 

Come see us for an amazing  firearms experience!